Paging System Design and Installation Services

As overhead paging system specialists, we have designed, installed and currently maintain thousands of paging systems nationwide: VOIP Paging amplifier, VOIP Paging Systems, SIP Paging, IP paging systems and more.

Our 30+ years of experience in overhead paging system installations has positioned Telecom Designs as the premier provider of this service to our growing customer market.

Paging Equipment & Services

We design and install all of them: VOIP Paging Amplifier, VOIP Paging Systems and SIP Paging SystemsVOIP Paging Solutions

More and more, retail stores and businesses are installing Cisco (or other brands) VOIP phone systems in their facilities. VOIP phone systems often require additional third-party devices to interface between the phone system and the paging system.

We have a Cisco certified solution that is a direct interface from the Cisco Call Manager to the amplifier. A network cable is routed from the switch and plugs directly into the back of the amplifier for the overhead paging connection.

This solution provides a direct seamless integration that is cost effective and easier to maintain than using third-party devices.

Overhead speaker for VOIP Paging amplifier or VOIP paging systems

Paging Speakers

We offer a large variety of speakers, horns and volume controls to meet each customer’s needs.

One of the main products we utilize in the retail environment is a product called a FlatPak.

The FlatPak simplifies the installation process, which saves you time and money.

Paging Service Calls

Resolving paging issues in retail stores and other large businesses can be extremely challenging, especially as it relates to cabling problems. Telecom Designs is highly experienced in resolving complex paging related service calls and we provide technicians on demand, 24 hours a day.

Telecom Designs is Your Complete Paging System Solution

Designing and servicing paging systems is one of our strongest capabilities. We are experienced sound contractors and have technicians who have been engineering and installing paging systems for well over 35 years. We design and build all sizes of paging systems, from the local retail store, to the million sq. ft. backstage warehouse. Products include VOIP paging amplifier with
VOIP paging systems, SIP paging, IP paging systems and more.

Whether you use our recommended products, or specify one of your own, you can be assured that Telecom Designs has the knowledge and experience to install and service your paging systems.

Contact us today to learn more about how our paging systems and services can benefit your business.