Telecom Designs Managed Services for Retail

Telecom Designs is a managed service provider for your retail network needs, from installation to disconnect.

It’s not just eCommerce that’s digital these days. Brick and mortar retail stores are experiencing digital transformation, too. We’ll keep you apprised of current technology and best practices so you can mitigate risk, manage budgets, and reduce complexity in the increasingly complex digital retail world. In past decades, networks and cabling for voice and data communications was a lot less complex than it is today. Today, EIA / TIA / ANSI standards guide the process for installing communications cabling.

At Telecom Designs, we specialize in the six components of structured cabling which simplifies installation of the infrastructure and supports a wide – and growing – variety of voice and data communications equipment: entrance facilities, equipment room, backbone cabling, telecommunications room and enclosure, horizontal cabling, and work area. We ensure that each installation is designed for predictable performance, flexibility, redundancy, and future adaptability.

We manage installs, moves, add, changes, and disconnects for your retail technology and structured cabling systems including new builds, remodels and fixture replacements, expansions, technology migration or upgrades. We also offer a comprehensive suite of white-glove professional services that free up your team and minimize downtown and service issues.

  • Project Planning
  • Pre-field Survey & Questionnaire Development
  • Conduct Surveys
  • On-site Hardware Implementation / Installation
  • Software Installation
  • On-site Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Service Desk Support

For over 30 years we’ve been going above and beyond, providing white glove Retail Network Management that transform our customers’ retail technologies and how they interact with their customers.

Our customers’ success is our business.

  • A team of people who understand and care
  • Quality service
  • Responsive and reliable
  • 24/7

Let us show you how we can help with your retail technology initiatives. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and 30+ years of experience.

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