Telecom Designs has a POTS Transformation for any budget and need

Do you have out-of-date and unused plain old telephone service (POTS) lines? Stop throwing money away! It is possible to modernize AND save money by replacing those rapidly degrading copper cable land lines with digital technology and cloud services.

Why replace old POTS lines now? They still work, right?

The lifespan on old copper lines is ending. You have likely noticed that your monthly landline bills are increasing while service reliability is declining. Today, there are a number of reliable, affordable alternatives to POTS lines that give your retail chain quality service replacement options for traditional POTS connected analog devices along with new capabilities as well.

A simplified, digital POTS replacement solution offers retailers a variety of benefits including:

  • Relief from the rapidly increasing cost of POTS service
  • Minimize store down time caused by unreliable POTS services and slow repair times
  • Meets compliance requirements for fire and security alarms
  • Extends the usable life of existing high-quality analog endpoints such as multi-line desk units and handsets
  • Handle high traffic spikes, for example holidays or sales
  • Cellular backup for data network to enhance business continuity
  • No throttling on data
  • Option for multi-carrier connectivity
  • Connectivity for M2M and IoT devices like kiosks, terminals, hand-held scanners, or Point of Sale devices
  • Part of your digital transformation and communications journey

Telecom Designs has a solution for converting your old POTS lines to digital that will fit your needs and provide reliability and peace of mind knowing that your stores are ready for the future.  POTS Transformation by Telecom Designs will minimize disruption in critical third-party services such as:

  • Fire panel
  • Burglar alarm
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Electrical and gas meter modems
  • Telephone / telephone systems
  • Security Gate/Door Access Box
  • Point of Sale (POS) / credit and debit card transactions
  • Modem Data
  • FAX

POTS Transformation that fits your needs and budget

Telecom Designs will tailor a POTS Transformation solution to the unique needs and budgets of your retail chain. We work with technology partners who are the best in the market, offering cutting-edge enterprise-grade hardware and software.

Do you have an investment in multi-line analog telephones and existing wiring that you want to maintain?
We can help you retain your existing phone systems with a POTS line conversion until you are ready to upgrade them

Do you know the purpose for each POTS line connected to in your facility?  Do you have unused POTS lines at your site?
In our experience almost all retail stores have unused POTS lines they are paying for.  You are probably paying for out-of-date phone lines, and you don’t know what some of them are being used for in your stores, warehouses, and backstage facilities. Our on-site survey will identify and tag all of your existing numbers and tell you what devices they are connected to, if any. We will determine which lines are not being utilized and can be scheduled for disconnect. This alone will result in significant cost savings for your company.

POTS conversions typically involve some form of cellular connectivity. With considerable variability in coverage from available providers, what is best for each store?
We perform cellular testing during surveys to identify all the available carriers, signal strength and bandwidth.

Do you have POTS lines connected to fire alarms, burglar alarms, elevators, kiosks and other analog devices?
We can convert these devices to a POTS replacement solution that will dramatically lower monthly costs and provide much more reliable connectivity than POTS lines.

We have multiple POTS line replacement options based on your company’s current and future goals. Through our discovery process, we’ll assess your current situation and needs. Then we’ll present you with a best-in-class solution customized for you.

Telecom Designs Managed Services: We manage every aspect of your POTS Transformation

We plan and oversee your POTS Transformation from end to end which enables our managed services team to ensure that your systems run smoothly every day.

We begin each POTS Transformation with an on-site survey so we know exactly what you have. We have the most rigorous and thorough site survey in the industry. We want to be sure we find everything that needs to be transformed!

Our managed services for POTS Transformation include:

  • Site survey
    • Devices
    • Phone numbers
    • Alarms
    • Onsite cell signal testing
  • Staging, kitting
  • Deployment
  • Professional installation
  • Remote firmware installation
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Device break/fix
  • Emergency Replacement

Thinking about your POTS Transformation? Don’t delay. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out what’s the best path for your retail chain.


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