Large-Scale Technology Rollout? Get a Partner You Can Trust.

Telecom Designs has a long-standing reputation for successfully completing technology rollout projects for thousands of locations nationwide.

Our project team works with you to determine your exact goals and objectives. We develop detailed documentation for the field installation teams. We also develop testing procedures, checklists and data acquisition such as photo documentation of the finished work.

Technology Rollout Services

Site Surveys

Telecom Designs performs site surveys to gather and record all the required information for the project. Working with you, we develop a site survey document that includes:

  • Verifying existing cabling
  • Cable pathway plans for new cabling
  • AC electrical requirements
  • A site map of the facility
  • Estimated materials required for the project

Cabling Installations

Eyeing national technology rollout companies or retail rollout companies? Call us to help you rollout IT.

We provide complete structured cabling services, including:

  • Category 5,6 & 7 Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Installation of Data Racks, Patch Panels and all associated hardware
  • Complete MDF and IDF Room Build Outs

Equipment Installations

We are experienced at installing a variety of technologies in the rollout environment, including:

  • POS Equipment
  • Computers, Servers and Associated Hardware
  • Wireless Devices and Access Points
  • Media Servers
  • Telephone/PBX Systems
  • Paging Systems
  • Ceiling or Wall Mounted LCD Television Screens
  • Computer Kiosks
  • CCTV Devices
  • Access Control
  • Specialty Devices

Retail rollout companies like TDI help when you're considering technology companies to help rollout IT.

Equipment Staging

Telecom Designs offers equipment staging and logistical services, including:

  • Preprograming Equipment Configurations
  • Software Installation
  • Asset Tagging
  • Serial Number Acquisition
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Designing and Building Kits for Projects

Uniformity is one of the most important aspects of successful large scale rollout projects. Uniformity is important not only for the installation aspect, but also for the future service aspect. Kitting parts and projects achieves several goals and objectives.

  1. Reduce Costs: We can assemble and test all the parts in our staging area, making an easy to install kit for the installer at the job site, with all the required parts. This means that there is less onsite time building out the project, which reduces costs.
  2. Eliminate Errors: The kits eliminate the possibility of errors in the field, since everything is already preassembled and tested in advance.
  3. Provide Consistent Results: These kits ensure the exact parts specified are used at every installation, and that every installation looks exactly the same. Consistent appearance and labeling are very important. It is extremely helpful to the customer’s help desk if everything is labeled and installed the same way at every store.

In summary, our kits take much of the onsite technician’s decision making out of the equation, while reducing costs, eliminating errors and providing consistent results every time.

Telecom Designs is Your National Technology Rollout Solution

Technology rollout companies must focus heavily on implementation.Our team understands that every project is important to your business.

We are familiar with working on technically complex projects under stringent timelines.

We are experts at successfully meeting our customer’s needs on large-scale technology rollout projects.

Let us show you how we can help you with your next technology project.