In today’s dynamic retail environment, seamless cellular connectivity is indispensable for ensuring the smooth operation of various technologies within a store. From IoT devices to critical applications, maintaining consistent cellular signal strength is crucial. However, achieving optimal connectivity poses several challenges, especially for national retail chains.

IoT devices including,

  • Network backup for ISP outages.
  • Fire and burglar alarm panels.
  • Elevator communications.
  • Cellular POTS lines for analog devices
  • Kiosks, beacons, smart shelves, digital signage, cashier less payment systems, temperature monitoring sensor in frozen and cold cases, energy management.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Carrier Network:

Selecting the best carrier network for a national deployment entails navigating through numerous factors such as signal strength, coverage, and reliability. Each store location presents unique challenges, from variations in construction to geographical differences in carrier coverage. Deploying IoT devices across multiple locations demands a tailored approach, as relying solely on a single carrier will not yield optimal results.

Understanding Cell Phone Signal Dynamics:

On our cell phones, cellular signal strength fluctuates due to various factors, including geographical features, building materials, and signal interference. Similar challenges are faced by IoT and 5G devices, making the choice of which carrier to use at each location very important. For instance, one carrier may excel in signal strength at the storefront, while another might offer better coverage within the computer room where the cellular device is located.

Onsite Testing for Accurate Assessment:

Traditional methods of assessing cellular signal strength, such as relying on the signal bars on mobile phones, lack precision for retail store designers. Conducting onsite surveys with professional-grade cell signal-testing equipment provides accurate and verifiable data points which is essential for engineering first-install success. Our test equipment gathers various data points, including RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR, providing a comprehensive cell signal report for all carriers.  These test results offer insights into various parameters crucial for optimizing connectivity at each individual store location.

Improving Connectivity Across Stores:

Boosting cell signal strength within retail structures involves strategic equipment placement and add-on hardware components. However, this approach may incur additional costs and does not guarantee uniform performance across all stores. A more effective solution entails accessing multiple carrier networks and using the best provider for each individual location.

You could contract with the three major carriers for different regions, but this, too, means you lose your volume negotiation benefits. In addition to cell testing, we offer a solution that involves providing access to all three major carriers.  With this approach, you can acquire a consolidated monthly data plan for all your sites and aggregate that data across Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, streamlining management and ensuring optimal connectivity.

Our Company:

Telecom Designs offers comprehensive cellular signal strength testing services, leveraging over 30 years of experience and trained technicians. By conducting meticulous onsite surveys and providing tailored recommendations, Telecom Designs ensures maximum performance and reliability for retail chains.


In today’s interconnected retail landscape, robust cellular connectivity is indispensable for driving efficiency and enhancing customer experiences. By embracing a multi-carrier approach and leveraging professional cell signal testing services, retail chains can overcome connectivity challenges, optimize performance, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

For more information on how Telecom Designs can enhance your retail connectivity, visit our webpage on Cellular Signal Strength Testing. Reach out today to contact our team of experts to discuss how an onsite survey can help you ensure consistent cellular signal strength across all of your locations.