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Telecom Designs is an authorized dealer of Toshiba

Telecom Designs is an Authorized Toshiba Telecommunications Dealer.

Toshiba America manufactures leading communications systems used in multi-site retail, health care and many other business environments.

Toshiba Equipment & Services

Toshiba Retail & Business Network Systems

Toshiba offers a large variety of telephone system and related applications for large scale retail and business operations:

  • VOIP
  • Medial & Communications Servers
  • Call Center Solutions
  • IP System Networking Solutions
  • Voice Mail & Voice Processing Applications
  • Computer Networking
  • Wireless Telephones
  • Surveillance & Security Systems
Toshiba Health Care Network Systems

Toshiba's wide variety of health care IT and medical products offer DICOM and IHE compliant network systems for internal communications that improve information exchange and patient care.

Remote Maintenance Applications

Toshiba makes it easy for your IT communications department to remotely administer and maintain the Toshiba system in the field over your existing data network. This gives clients the ability to make programming updates and changes, without vendor involvement, minimizing the client’s cost.

Toshiba National Account Program

The Toshiba National Account Program offers unified pricing across the nation for both product and installation. Installations of the Toshiba product are done using qualified Toshiba dealers nationwide. This ensures that you have access to expert onsite technical support twenty-four hours a day.

Repair and Return Program

We offer several different “Repair & Return” programs for Toshiba products. If you have a broken phone in the field, we will send an exact replacement telephone to the store along with a mailing label to have the defective phone sent back to our service department. Using this core exchange process we are able to reduce the price of replacement equipment.

Telecom Designs Offers Only the Best in Equipment Options

We sell Toshiba equipment because of the long life expectancy and maintenance-free operation. Telecom Designs has installed thousands of Toshiba communication systems. Toshiba products rarely have failures and they are extremely durable under harsh conditions.

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