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Project management is one of the most important aspects of any technology deployment and Telecom Designs offers both on-site and online project management options that fit your business needs.

New stores, remodel stores and rollout projects require superior project management methods throughout the development, design and installation of all network cabling and technology projects. Telecom Designs' expert project managers are focused on meeting your business requirements. Our project management services not only include a dedicated Project Manager assigned to your job, but we also offer online project management tools to enhance your project development and communications.

What is Project Management?

Project management principles are utilized to direct the entire team in meeting the customer's business requirements; ensuring best practices and current methodologies are achieved in the deployment, development and delivery of projects. There are several steps in successful project management for network and technology installations:

Defining Project Goals

Telecom Designs first gains a complete understanding of the goals and objectives you need to achieve your project. This is done through effective analysis of your projects specific cabling and technology requirements and functionality. Every project has its own unique set of circumstances that need to be understood, evaluated and addressed.

Project Planning

We build a plan that will meet your goals. Telecom Designs creates a written project plan including every aspect of how the project will be achieved to meet your goals and how we will deliver the project on time and on budget.

At this stage, we prepare the documentation that will be used by the project management team and the field technicians; we call this document a JobPak. A JobPak will contain items pertaining to the installation process such as: checking in upon arrival at the site, special procedures, and detailed instructions and sign off checklists. No two projects are the same; that is why every project is a customized solution to meet your specific requirements and timelines.


At Telecom Designs, the implementation process begins with training. Our key supervisors for the project participate in and complete the first installations themselves. After they become familiar with the process, the supervisors work in the field with the technicians to train them on the project specifics. Once this ramp up training phase is completed, all technician teams can begin the project.

Communications and Reporting

We understand that effective communications with a single point of contact is key during any project. We stay in constant contact and keep you updated on the project status. We have a variety of methods to provide you with custom reports during the project, so you will have a complete overview of how the project is progressing.

Project Review

Telecom Designs does not consider the project a success until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. That is why we hold project reviews periodically throughout the deployment to make sure we are meeting your requirements with each phase of our work.

Online Project Management Tools

Our customers enjoy the added benefit of the Telecom Designs web portal where key contacts may communicate on various aspects throughout the project's deployment. Through our secure web server, all documentation and work orders are accessible to the project management team. Your online project management functionality can be designed for your documentation, work order processing and reporting requirements.

Telecom Designs is Your Project Management Resource Solution

Our superior project management standards have been developed by performing thousands of successful, with over twenty years of experience refining what works and what doesn't. Telecom Designs understands the importance of effective project management in your network cabling and technology installations.

Contact us today to see how our project management services can help you achieve optimum success in your deployments.