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At Telecom Designs, we know that the most important aspect of any construction project is superior communications.

Telecom Designs has conducted thousands of successful new store and remodel technology projects and our commitment to meeting your business needs is our highest priority. As your cabling and technology vendor, we maintain consistent contact with all management involved with the construction process. A Project Manager is assigned to your job to ensure your project goals and timelines are met. According to our customers, effective communications is key to successful new store and remodel installations.

New Store & Remodel Deployments

New Stores

Telecom Designs has extensive experience installing cabling and technology designs on new construction sites. We understand how to communicate effectively with the customer’s construction Project Manager and on-site construction superintendents, keeping them continuously informed of our plans.

New construction projects often involve scheduling changes due to site conditions or logistical concerns. Some elements of the timelines are moved forward and others experience scheduling delays. We keep constantly aware of the ever-changing construction milestones by attending weekly on-site project meetings. Telecom Designs stays well informed and prepared to meet the current project timelines.

New Store MPOE(Minimum Point of Entry)

Coordinating the installation of the entrance cable for the dial tone provider in new construction can often be challenging. There are several steps that must be taken in order to ensure the dial tone provider can deliver the required circuits by the customer’s planned deadline.

We can help interface between the dial tone provider’s engineering department, the onsite construction personnel and your carrier’s service department, to make sure the MPOE is built out and the dial tone installation goes as planned.

Remodel Stores

Stores that are undergoing a remodel process present unique challenges when compared to new store construction. Keeping well informed about the construction schedule is critical to project success. The construction timelines are always much more finite, and they are constantly changing. For example, if the store’s customer service booth is being moved at 10:00 p.m. on a Tuesday, there is no flexibility in that schedule, as compared to a new store.

Another challenging aspect of remodel projects is that you often have a limited amount of time to perform the work. Generally, the work is completed at night and there must be enough low voltage resources available to complete the tasks before the store opens the next morning, even if you run into unexpected problems.

Telecom Designs understands that remodel project schedules have no margin for error and we must perform the work perfectly within the prescribed timeframes, without exception. We are prepared to prevent any failure that could cause an unacceptable disruption to normal store operations the following day.

Point of Sale Installations

Telecom Designs has extensive experience installing, configuring and setting up POS systems in retail stores. If you are upgrading to new equipment, many times slight alterations to the fixture are required to accommodate the new POS equipment. We are accustomed to making the cut-over night decisions on a store by store basis when these types of modifications are required. We understand how important it is to properly install or upgrade your point of sales system so that store operations are never disrupted.

Telecom Designs is Your New Store & Remodel Project Expert

Telecom Designs has a complete understanding of the challenges brought on by new store construction, dial tone entry, and remodeling existing stores as they relate to any low voltage cabling requirements. With over twenty years in business, we are the experts.

When we work with new customers on construction projects, we address prior deficiencies on projects with former vendors in order to ensure these issues are not repeated. Partnering with Telecom Designs means you have a vendor focused on solutions and timely communications, resulting in optimum project success. These principles have contributed to the long-term relationships we retain with our customers.

Partner with Telecom Designs on your next new store or remodel project.